Saturday, April 28, 2012

In December, 1799, President George Washington contracted a severe throat infection. His doctors–distinguished experts all–treated him with calomel, to induce vomiting, and bloodletting. When their patient’s condition deteriorated, they treated even more vigorously, giving more calomel and taking more blood in the hopes that this time they’d succeed. George Washington died of dehydration, blood loss, and choking from the uncontrolled infection. His very well-meaning physicians had actually hastened his death. In August, 2010, the republic that George Washington helped found is in the midst of a severe economic recession. Her leaders have consulted the experts they respect, and the therapy they have chosen is to drain dollars out of the private sector so that the federal government can redistribute them, and to pile thousands of pages of new regulations onto businesses and employers. Lets get started. Support bloomfield for congress

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Well, the election cycle has come to a close and, consequently, so has the 2012 Bloomfield for congress campaign. We here would just like to thank anyone and everyone who helped over the last year. We had so many awesome, awesome volunteers, contributors, and supporters throughout Bloomfield’s Congressional run and we could have never been as successful as we were without you. Whether it was walking in one of the many parades, attending a meet and greet, putting up a yard sign or 4x8, or making calls on the day before Election Day, everybody came together to bring Bloomfield from a small level of name recognition to over 120,000 votes, and that’s something to be proud of.

Monday, January 23, 2012

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

I've been contributing to FACES magazine for nearly 5 years now. From the time I was fresh out of university, just wanting to try something new... to this day, doing it full-time. Back then, the thought of contributing to magazines and newspapers never really crossed my mind. I was just too busy deciding whether I loved or hated being in the advertising industry. So by 2003, I was already contributing to FACES magazine, thanks to the encouragement of my friend, who is also the editor of the mag. She said "just write me a sample tech story, a free topic tech write up of 1,000 words and we'll decide from there". So I did a tech article on MP3 players, which was big news back in 2003 (and in many ways still is today). Based on my keen passion and knowledge of techie stuff, it seemed like a good idea, but I was unsure of my writing ability. Sure, I have written lots of essays in college and university, but will it be interesting and good enough that everyday people who pick up the magazine would want to stop at my page and read them? The editor-in-chief read it and loved it, so my first article was published. But from my experience, cheap custom papers can be written only by experts. From there, I took up my permanent work as a Client Servicing Executive in an advertising agency and worked both jobs. It was hard work, my advertising work demanded long hours and finding time to write was near impossible. Thanks to an incident in Sept 2003, when I lost my Apple iBook which I had bought using my credit card, I had no choice but to persevere with both jobs in order to make enough money to pay off a laptop computer that I don't own anymore. I left my laptop in the car for 30 minutes to grab a quick late dinner before heading home from work on a weekday. I was dog tired at 11pm and someone broke into my car and stole my precious iBook. I was just seated about 40 meters away and my car was ironically parked in front of a church! However, my vision of my car was blocked by a white van, so I couldn't see what happened from where I was eating. So there, the tragic story of my first Apple iBook ownership. I had the laptop for barely 3 months. It was a difficult time, for the next few days, I was extremely paranoid and began questioning the virtues of mankind. You're constantly looking over your shoulders and checking if the car is locked and safe. You can't sleep at night wondering if your house is broken into... you're not working well because the spot that your laptop used to occupy is now a vacant real estate on your table... It was just a shitty time. But thanks to FACES magazine, I was able to pay off that instalment rather quickly. And a few years on, I have a Apple Macbook (black). I have also learnt my lesson - I will never again leave my laptop computer in the car. I've been to lot of writing companies for the magazine since 2003, and knows a quite a lot of best custom wrting service. Believe I've grown a lot together with the mag... so.... have a read.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

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